(I actually posted this Monday at LJ . I kind of forgot about this journal in all the drama)

Wow it's been, not fun. We were there from Wednesday to Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday my son, 8yo, had cold symptoms, fever and sinus problems, then Wednesday he woke up with a swollen leg from the knee down. I'd never seen anything like it before. He couldn't bend his knee. His father found a blood blister on it so he lanced it because he thought maybe there was something in it. Well there wasn't and it pussed a little when he squeezed it. (The doctors weren't too happy when they had heard this! Never lance anything, let a doctor see it!)

It looked really bad so we went and took him to a local clinic. The Doctor there was an idiot.  He looked at it and said we needed to go to the ER. That part he was right about. He then wanted to give him a Penicillin shot but I was like "Why? We're going to the ER and if they are going to prick him with a needle there it would be easier if it was the first time." So he said OK then get him this prescription for antibiotics on the way there and have him take one. So we did, which turns out to have been useless, fortunately it was only a $4 medicine. After we got to the ER at the children's hospital they got him an IV hookup and gave him IV antibiotics, fortunately assuming the worst and admitted him. We found out yesterday that he did have a MRSA, antibiotic resistant staph, infection.

OMG it's been days of stress and sleepless nights. Fortunately he went to the children's hospital where they had staff that could talk to him and guide him through everything in a caring and understanding way. He had surgery on Thursday to cut open his knee and drain the infection so it could heal. They put him all the way under so they could do it easier. Lucky for me it only took a total of 2 hours.

Besides that we had a lot of ups and downs. An IV failed and hurt like hell when they hooked up his antibiotic. After that, getting poked with a needle was always a fight. SpongeBob was on TV ALL WEEKEND! He loved that, we don't have cable, and didn't want to leave Sunday because he was watching it, of course I felt like a few of my brain cells died from Spongebob overload. He was the kid in the bed though so of course he ruled. Worst part was the GameCube system in his room wasn't working and nobody would come look at it even though there were numerous work orders put in, supposedly. He did have video game withdrawal but I don't know if he could have managed it anyways because the IV hookup was in one of his hands the whole time.

They gave us little to no discharge orders except for him to take his antibiotics. That was kind of stupid. Fortunately my sister is a pediatric medical assistant and told us how bad the bacteria is and that it can spread a lot so we have to watch ourselves for it and bleach everything. We even have to take bleach baths, 1/2 cup bleach per tub of water and soak for 20 minutes, every week or go swimming. We bleached all of our beds because he managed to be in all of them while he was sick. and of course all the sheets. I think I'll repeat it again every week for the next month. She said it is very common for it to come back over and over again. The doctor she works with always has 2 of her 3 kids on antibiotics for it and one of my other sister's kids also had it over and over until she threw out their mattresses and sheets. I don't want to have to deal with all that so hopefully the bleaching will work before school starts. She also said he could be susceptible for a long time :o( 

So we're home now and catching up on our sleep and cleaning up everything. I'll probably not respond to comments, not that I usually do, because he still needs watched over for a while and I can't stay on the computer much. I've been on here too long as it is. I just needed to get all this out.


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