So yesterday the four of us went to see the new movie. We showed up 15 minutes before the 3:05 showing but it was sold out so we got tickets for the 4:00. People are still flocking to it and I heard on the radio they had the biggest opening day ever. Well it was still hella busy Saturday. We got the big auditorium and it was packed! It might have also helped that it was the cheapest theater in the area with a $4 matinee ^_^ We got some of the last set of 4 seats together and we entered 30 minutes before the previews began.

First off, the new HP6 trailer was so awesome it almost made me loose my resolve to not go see the movie at the theater. I think there was a piece of every major scene in the book. Anyone who has read the book and remembers it, like my husband and daughter didn't, will recognize just about every scene though they happen very rapidly, some literally just flickers. I've posted my reason that I'll be avoiding it previously.

As for the movie, the action was kick ass awesome! Along with all the Transformers they put in. Nothing makes me giddy like a child like Transformers does. I'm happy to have a 9yo son so I have a reason to buy them. Optimus Prime gives me the shivers every time I see him on the big screen.

The mechas were both larger and smaller than the first movie. The Decepticon in the opening was absolutely huge and rolled around on his wheels creating massive amounts of destruction but optimus still kicked his butt! He, like many others, were never named outright, through dialog or subtitles, like in the previous movie and some of the ones that were named I didn't catch or couldn't understand them because the synth sound on their voices disrupted the clarity. Actually, a lot of the dialog seemed to be drowned out with background noise, another reason to wait for the DVD and the subtitles. But really, I was there for the mechas and they did deliver plenty of those so full marks for the action and portrayal of the Transformers, both Autobot and Decepticons.

The plot was good. I don't know whether they fused old storylines or made up a new one but it was sound. There were no obvious plot holes you could drive Ironhide through but really I wasn't too picky about that. Sam, his family and Mikaela were still there and the guys from the military and the head guy of Sector 7. They introduced only one new human worth mentioning because he was kind of the comic relief, I don't even remember his name only that he was Sam's college roommate, but not really any others. Their apperance in the film however was full of tasteless humor that the movie could have done without. Too many dog humping jokes that were not funny, Sam's mom acted like she was drunk a lot of the time (and was actually stoned once), too many testicle jokes, both in reference and the hurting of, and The Sector seven dude in a thong *yuck*! Somebody gave someone too much license to do whatever they wanted in that department, it seriously needed reined in along with all of the slo-mo shots focusing on Mikaela's boobs. And someone needed to take away her lip plumper gloss because she was all lips, they hid her pretty face.  Sam did a great job of freaking out though and his roommate was too over the top. So only half marks for the humans and low marks for the editing, they could have left some of the "humor" on the cutting room floor. The "humor" needed more geekiness and less low brow.

So all in all I'll probably go see it again because I love the mechas and the action and I'll defintely buy the DVD so I can find out what was said. I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars for the whole, 5 out of 5 for the CG, action, mechas and 2 out of 5 for the humans and humor.

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