(I actually posted this Monday at LJ . I kind of forgot about this journal in all the drama)

Wow it's been, not fun. We were there from Wednesday to Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday my son, 8yo, had cold symptoms, fever and sinus problems, then Wednesday he woke up with a swollen leg from the knee down. I'd never seen anything like it before. He couldn't bend his knee. His father found a blood blister on it so he lanced it because he thought maybe there was something in it. Well there wasn't and it pussed a little when he squeezed it. (The doctors weren't too happy when they had heard this! Never lance anything, let a doctor see it!)

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So we're home now and catching up on our sleep and cleaning up everything. I'll probably not respond to comments, not that I usually do, because he still needs watched over for a while and I can't stay on the computer much. I've been on here too long as it is. I just needed to get all this out.


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